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Title: Clipped Whispers
Rating: G
Universe: ACD Canon
Character(s): John Watson, Mary Morstan
Summary: "We have received the strangest telegram, John. I think it must be intended for someone else."
Warnings/Enticements: Hiatus Angst
Word Count: 508
A.N.: For WAdvent 2016.

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It's very weird reading someone earnestly arguing for a principle which is the basic foundation of nearly all modern ethics. Or at least my own ethics. It's very hard to look at it from the point of view of someone who isn't convinced.

Mill mentions the various popular meanings of the words utilitarian and utility in his time; an interesting point is that something which is in the modern sense "utilitarian" - something which does nothing except perform a function - is less utilitarian in the philosophical sense than something which performs that function and is also beautiful - because the latter produces happiness in someone looking at it. Usefullness comes in various forms.

He also mentions Epicurius, and Epicurius said that artistic enjoyment was one of the only pleasures which had no associated pain. (The argument Mill's making is that Epicurianism/utility/happiness is not just about physical pleasure and excess, and that intellectual pleasures are, in fact, more fun. Or at least promote more happiness in general, especially to others.)

However, I'm reminded of Virginia Woolf saying "A good dinner is of great importance to good talk. One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well," in A Room of One's Own. In order to be able to enjoy intellectual pleasures you need to have a relatively enjoyable physical baseline. Which ties in with Mill's point that (in utilitarianism) asceticism and sacrifice have no moral value unless they are for the sake of someone else's happiness.

I wrote that first paragraph when a bit more than halfway through; in the last chapter, however, talking about justice, he uses taxation as an example: "This doctrine [a poll tax], as applied to taxation, finds no advocates because it conflicts so strongly with man's feelings of humanity and social expediency." Tell that to Margaret Thatcher.

And of course it may or may not be considered an example of "modern ethics," but the recent election has indicated that there are lots of people who don't actually give a shit about the common good. Humans are complicated.

And that's a sort of general pessimism brought on by the circumstances, not actually my considered position. Mill points out that in fact we know that most people do mostly behave justly, because if they didn't we couldn't have a society at all: if people couldn't be trusted not to harm each other then we would all consider everyone potential enemies and guard against them (which I've just realized is how cats treat each other). I don't know if this is an argument that human nature is inherently good or that humans will usually live up to social expectations.
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Hi! Thanks so much for writing for me, and congratulations on your evident good taste!

If you want to benignly internet-stalk me to get an idea of my interests, Tumblr and AO3 (both linked in the sidebar) are probably a better idea than DW. However, my previous Yuletide-related posts are tagged here.

This year I requested The Comfortable Courtesan, Pride, and Carmilla. These are three very different fandoms and I love them all in different ways. I am happy with absolutely any fic rating or length.

A large and random list of things I like in general: worldbuilding, adventure, lesbians, alternate universes, ethical dilemmas, people being clever, twisty plots, gender, sibling or sibling-like relationships, epistolary fic, punks, backstory, hurt/comfort, pining, physical affection, queerness, philosophy, romance, feminism, UST, found families, mythological allusions, polyamory, slash, het, femslash, hidden worlds, cities, banter, complicated plans, beautiful landscapes, angst, puns, magical realism, history, creepy supernatural beings, passionate platonic friendships, case fic, period accuracy, gen, smut, pwp, diversity, fairy tales... Feel free to use any of these.

Dislikes: I have a major embarrassment squick, I don't like incest, and I'm not interested in graphic depictions of rape or gore or torture. However, I can be sold on most consensual kinks.

Fandom specific thoughts and optional details, to be taken more as suggestions and jumping-off points than requests:Read more... )

Mostly though, write what makes you happy. Thanks again for writing for me!
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Title: Duties Owed
Author: Violsva
Fandom: [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan
Rating: G
Warnings/Enticements: None
Word Count: 850
Summary: A lady’s maid’s skills should not be limited to matters of fashion.

On AO3
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Okay, self. The reason we do not get into discussions of the thing is because it triggers perseveration which makes us unhappy. If we do get in a discussion of the thing, even if it’s because we have something important to say, the reblogs etc. will probably add to that. (Also, the vast majority of my followers: do not, thankfully, care about the thing at all.) You came up with a whole bunch of fic ideas during July. It is probably better to focus on those. If that means staying away from anywhere that is not highly curated, by me, then we will have to do that.

I don’t seek out posts about how Gifted kids are all spoiled brats, and I’m not going to seek out posts about this. It can go on without my involvement. If other people aren’t saying what I think should be said, I’ll live, and so will they.

(oh, fandom)
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[I am currently copying over posts I like from tumblr; my apologies for any weirdnesses on your reading page]
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I have been doing pretty well this year.

Prompt #1: Water Cure

Prompt #2: Take Hold of Me: Very Cavafian

Prompt #3: Rest and a Bit of Peace: Great Mouse Detective

Prompt #4: Blood and Bile: Good Omens crossover

Prompt #5: Amicitiae Nomine Tectus

Prompt #6: Energy and Nerve Force

Prompt #7: Petitions

Prompt #8: Vroom!

Prompt #9: Experiments: Xu-lai and Jane; warning: Furbies

Prompt #10: First of May (late): BBC Sherlock

Prompt #11: Désir Bruyant: Smut, pegging

Prompt #12: Pash: Based on this picture, hello.

Prompt #13: Of their dead selves to higher things: Slightly gross

Prompt #14: Return

Prompt #15: Bleeding Hearts Around: Based on "Love Armed" by Aphra Behn

Prompt #16: Unexpected Sources (late): Agatha Christie crossover

Prompt #17: Commission

Prompt #18: The Widows: The Landlady 'verse

Prompt #19: Duties to a Client

Prompt #20: Our Cause Is Ripe: Sequel to Bleeding Hearts Around (#15 above)

Prompt #21: Bitter

Prompt #22: Hopeful: Lord Peter Wimsey crossover

Prompt #23: A Dying Fall: Warning: puns

Prompt #24: Summoning: Literary Agent Hypothesis

Prompt #25: Something in the Air: Warning: crack, sex pollen, bodyswap, tentacles, crack

Prompt #26: Earthly (late)

Prompt #27: Texting a Landline

Prompt #28: It Raineth Every Day

Prompt #29: Caught: Great Mouse Detective

Prompt #30: Woken Up

August Amnesty:

Prompt #1: Bark at a Crow

Prompt #2: Art Appreciation

Prompt #3: Respectable: Warning: classism, nastiness

Prompt #5: Reconsolidation: In the same Little Mermaid fusion as Metatarsalgia
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I feel like this should have all the warnings, but nothing graphic actually happens. I just went there mentally, a lot.

Blood and Bile )
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It is July, and therefore it is time for ficlets of misery. I'll put up a masterpost in a bit; other than that I'm not sure I'll blog all of them individually.

Title: Water Cure
Author: Violsva
Rating: G
Universe: ACD
Character(s): John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Relationships: Watson/Mary
Summary: Mary Watson encourages her husband to join Holmes in Europe. There's nothing he can do in England, at the moment.
Content Warnings: Angst
Word Count: 490
A.N.: For Watson's Woes July Writing Prompt #1: 'Tis But a Scratch

On AO3
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If he laid on his left side, the damaged muscles in his shoulder protested at the weight. The obvious solution seemed to be to sleep on his right, but when he did he invariably woke up with a cramp in his leg—he’d limped on that side for too long for it ever to be fully pain-free again. If he was twenty years younger he would’ve slept on his stomach, but he wasn’t, so he slept on his back. Which would’ve been fine, if it weren’t for the dreams. Therapists, fellow doctors, friends: everyone told him that bad dreams weren’t dependent on the position in which he slept, but they were wrong. All of his nightmares ended with him flat on his back, staring up at the ceiling.

He never told Mary, not in so many words, because what was the point? She couldn’t solve any of his problems, physical or otherwise. But after a few months of sleeping together he realized that she knew. He still had the bad dreams, but now, whenever he woke from them, she was there, a hand on his arm, skin touching skin, comforting and calming him enough that he could finally sleep in peace.

(i would write the part with room for sherlock but basically that’s already half of my posted works on AO3)

She’d trained herself to wake up as soon as the nightmares started. She didn’t always know where she’d be sleeping, or with whom, and wakefulness was better than having to explain screaming at night. Even in her new civilian life, she didn’t want to have that conversation with casual boyfriends. Easier to avoid any mention of it, any memories from it.

So when her dream-self saw lightning, or dark empty hallways, or felt the solid comfort of a gun in her hand, she woke up at once. Every time.

John didn’t. John, she knew without asking, lived through all of his awful memories again some nights, unable to stop them. Usually it was Afghanistan, now. So she tried to fall asleep facing him, touching him, so when he woke up he knew she was there.

And when she woke up she was looking right at him, every time, and knew where she was, and who she was, and why she was here.

Sherlock never slept in John and Mary’s bed. The activities in which the three of them engaged after the baby went to bed always energized him rather than tiring him out, so he didn’t need to sleep in the space they left for him, though sometimes he liked to stay and watch them breathe. John twitched when he had nightmares; Mary’s body grew rigid and tried to draw in on itself, as if she could make herself small enough to escape from whatever pursued her. Early on he tried drugging them both into a more restful slumber, but his efforts had not been well-received, so he learned other ways to soothe: deep, soft whispers, a gentle nudge, the sound of his violin playing from the next room. When it seemed they both had a particularly unsettled night, he would take care of the baby’s breakfast and morning routine for them, letting them sleep as long as possible after the sun rose, when they transitioned into better dreams. No one ever mentioned any of this, but they all knew they had found the best arrangement possible for three people who’d once been so thoroughly alone.

(Miss Davis, if you see this and want it down/elsewhere just tell me <3)
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Title: The Tarleton Murders
Author: Violsva
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes - ACD
Rating: T
Warnings/Enticements: Outsider POV, Pre-Canon, Victorian Attitudes, Underage Prostitution, Murder, Case Fic
Word Count: 2479
Summary: “Yes, my boy, these were all done prematurely before my biographer had come to glorify me. They are not all successes, Watson. But there are some pretty little problems among them.”

On AO3
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So I’ve just finished rereading The Seven-Per-Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer, and it is an excellent story and I love it, but it did remind me of something.

Because it has a swordfight on the roof of a moving train. And Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes by Loren D. Estleman has a high speed hansom cab chase through London. These are not isolated examples. (And in BBC Sherlock, of course, Dr. Watson commits more murders in the first two episodes than he does in all of the canonical stories combined.)

And a claim I see a lot is that fangirls make everything about romance. Which is not completely inaccurate.

But fanboys tend to make everything about ridiculous action movie scenes. Which isn’t any more in the spirit of the originals, really.
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My scars are dull. There is nothing interesting about them, and there never was. If they were on my skin instead of my soul they would transcribe a dreary story of five identically unpleasant neverending years. With them scrawled across the inside of my brain I ignore them, so sick of their repetition I barely see them, without any interest in reading them again, again, again, again. Pain past or continuing is the reiterations, the irrelevancies, the circumlocutions, the redundant restatements obfuscating any other sense or meaning. Pain is the least interesting thing about me, and only blocks the rest.
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Ransom checked under Holster’s bed. Then under his blanket, although if it had been there they might have had to have a really awkward Talk. Then under the dresser. Then in the closet. Again.

Then in his hockey bag to make sure he hadn’t just left it there from last practice.

“The fuck,” he muttered, looking helplessly at his desk where his textbooks were piled up. He did not have time to lose things. He considered just going to study and looking for it in the morning, but Jack would kill him if he was late for the game and also if he showed up without his jockstrap, and where the hell was it, he knew exactly where he had left it…

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You started playing quietly in the back of his head.

“That is ENOUGH!” Ransom shouted, angry enough that he suddenly didn’t care that the whole fucking thing was ridiculous. “I have four exams coming up, an entire fucking essay to write for my fucking required history credit, we just got into the playoffs, Jack wants two more practices a week, and I do NOT need fucking imaginary ghosts stealing my fucking jock on top of everything else!”

Ransom stopped, gasping for breath, and there was silence.

Absolute silence. Really, really weird silence. Before he started yelling Ransom had been vaguely aware of the distant sounds of Bitty singing along to Bey in the kitchen, typing and occasional swearing from Shitty’s room, traffic and conversations and even some birdsong outside. Now there was none of that. He couldn’t even hear his laptop humming. He looked around frantically.

His jockstrap fell off a rafter and landed directly in front of him.

He froze, and waited, but nothing else happened. Slowly, sound began to filter back into the room.

“Huh,” said Ransom. He picked up the jockstrap. “Uh. Thanks.”


Apr. 8th, 2016 05:36 pm
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I have an Etsy shop, iotae, now!

a copper wirework earring, in the shape of the word art, on blue silk

I am currently very broke, so shopping or spreading the word is appreciated.
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Title: I Told You From the Start
Author: Violsva
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes - ACD
Rating: G
Warnings/Enticements: Angst
Word Count: 1103
Summary: All of England knows about Sherlock Holmes' death. Watson receives visitors.
Notes: Short sequel to Just How This Would End.

On AO3

Also a drabble about Rey from The Force Awakens.
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okay, new theory (well, probably not new, but i haven’t seen it before):

Sherlock Holmes is stolen by fairies at Reichenbach

Luckily he had wide-ranging literary tastes as a child and it turns out his forgetting mechanisms are faulty, so he remembers not to eat anything and fights his way out three days later.

Except, you know, not three earth days later, whoops.

#doesn't really have a plot #so #meta #sherlock holmes #fairies #reichenbach #crack meta i suppose #there would be more plot if watson was fighting him out #hmm #i have seen the dr who version #multiple times
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Title: In Confidence
Author: Violsva
Fandom: BBC Sherlock (I don't actually like the show! I just keep writing about it. /o\)
Rating: T
Warnings/Enticements: Femslash, Het
Word Count: 4911
Summary: After Jim, Molly gets much better at telling when people have secrets.
Notes: For Pridelolly.

On AO3


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