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Title: Inclination
Author: Violsva
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: G
Warnings/Enticements: Case Fic, PTSD, Canon-Typical Violence
Word Count: 2966
Summary: A convalescence, a revelation, and a promise.

On AO3.

So in October when I wrote this I was horribly depressed and I thought it was awful and I felt awful about even submitting it, but decided that was better than defaulting, and I've just reread it and it's actually pretty good. So. We persist.

I'd have something more specific to say about skewed self-image and things, but I'm not better enough to know what it is. I really am glad I was wrong about it.
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Did laundry
Said "mm-hm" on the phone with my mother for 20 minutes
Updated wall calendar

Back to work tomorrow, which I suspect may not go well. No sleep last night.

On account

Jan. 25th, 2014 11:43 pm
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Washed dishes
Called in prescriptions
Researched archaeological digs (OMG!)
Sent letters
Wrote about 300 words on a couple things, and I'll do more in a sec
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Went outside rather than hiding in bed all day. Returned library book. Talked to [personal profile] knumpify about work stuff.

Also I just look up the Trillium Drug Benefit form.

Some of my physical issues at the moment may be related to stress, but some of them are definitely due to forgetting to eat, goddammit.
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12-4: Insomnia

4-8:30: Fever dreams

8:30-9:30: Staggering around, feeding the cat

9:30: Calling in to work

9:30-11:30: Sleep

11:30: Woken up by boss, who wants me to check something. It takes a full minute before I realize he didn't get my voicemail and thinks I'm at work.


4: Explaining basics of new desktop shipping program to boss over phone

4-present: Griping

There has been something resembling writing going on as well, at least. I hope I'm better tomorrow, I want to go to work and this is unpleasant. And Monday will be hideous if I don't ship things tomorrow.

It's snowing outside. In mid-April. At least an inch.

But I have a date on Tuesday, and it involves poetry, and I will be better then. Or I damn well plan to be.

My brain, at least, is doing pretty well recently apart from the cold symptoms. No emotional nonsense. Ugh, sick.
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Goddamn it body, you are perfectly capable of digesting lactose. You've done it before. Recently.
violsva: Mulan squinting at a bowl of food (morning mulan)
Heat OR hayfever. Not both.

I've never had hayfever before, but it's either that, or a sinus infection, or a sudden cat allergy. Off and on all summer. Gah.

On the bright side, my hair is the shortest it's ever been in my life, and it's awesome.

Next fic just needs a little more hammering.


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