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In my head, somewhere, there’s this muggleborn Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, who loves history. And she’s so excited about History of Magic, she reads all the books she can find, she looks for how it fits in with muggle history…

And then she gets to Hogwarts and realizes that wizards don’t care about history. At all. Class is taught by a ghost who doesn’t care about anything modern and seems surprised when he realizes students actually exist, no one cares if they fall asleep in class, everyone has been assigned the same essay topics every year for the last five hundred years. It’s all about rebellions and wars and treaties, and there’s no social history at all.

And her first couple years she just deals with it, because, hey, new fascinating world she’s learning all about, she can deal with one poorly taught class.

But what made me think about this was the title of Harry’s essay in third year. “Witch-Burning in the Fourteenth Century Was Completely Pointless - discuss.” Because look at that from the point of view of someone who knows something about the motives behind witch-hunts.

So that’s when she loses it and spends the whole summer researching and writing an essay on the historical effects of magical existence on muggles. How wizards let people scapegoat other muggles and especially women for things muggles wouldn’t believe in if there weren’t real wizards everywhere. How pureblood wizards were happy to screw up the lives of the muggles living near them and then avoided all consequences because hey, they had Flame-Freezing Charms if the worst happened, what did they care if someone else was caught and died horribly instead of them. How even today muggles were falsely diagnosed with mental illnesses because wizards weren’t careful enough with their Disillusionment Charms, or because wizards thought Memory Charms were the solution to everything no matter how they affected the victim.

And she hands it in at the start of the year and a week later she gets summoned to the Headmistress’s office.

And Professor McGonagall smiles at her and says “This is a bit unusual, but would you be interested in a TA position?”
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Pied Beauty

Gerald Manley Hopkins

Glory be to God for dappled things—
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;
Landscape plotted and pieced—fold, fallow, and plough;
And áll trádes, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:
Praise him.

In Bohemia

Arthur Symons

Drawn blinds and flaring gas within,
And wine, and women, and cigars;
Without, the city’s heedless din;
Above, the white unheeding stars.

And we, alike from each remote,
The world that works, the heaven that waits,
Con our brief pleasures o’er by rote,
The favourite pastime of the Fates.

We smoke, to fancy that we dream,
And drink, a moment’s joy to prove,
And fain would love, and only seem
To love because we cannot love.

Draw back the blinds, put out the light:
'Tis morning, let the daylight come.
God! how the women’s checks are white,
And how the sunlight strikes us dumb!

From the Dark Tower

Countee Cullen

We shall not always plant while others reap
The golden increment of bursting fruit,
Not always countenance, abject and mute,
That lesser men should hold their brothers cheap;
Not everlastingly while others sleep
Shall we beguile their limbs with mellow flute,
Not always bend to some more subtle brute;
We were not made eternally to weep.

The night whose sable breast relieves the stark,
White stars is no less lovely being dark,
And there are buds that cannot bloom at all
In light, but crumple, piteous, and fall;
So in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds,
And wait, and tend our agonizing seeds.
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Thomas Hardy

"O 'Melia, my dear, this does everything crown!
Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town?
And whence such fair garments, such prosperi-ty?" —
"O didn't you know I'd been ruined?" said she.

— "You left us in tatters, without shoes or socks,
Tired of digging potatoes, and spudding up docks;
And now you've gay bracelets and bright feathers three!" —
"Yes: that's how we dress when we're ruined," said she.

— "At home in the barton you said thee' and thou,'
And thik oon,' and theäs oon,' and t'other'; but now
Your talking quite fits 'ee for high compa-ny!" —
"Some polish is gained with one's ruin," said she.

— "Your hands were like paws then, your face blue and bleak
But now I'm bewitched by your delicate cheek,
And your little gloves fit as on any la-dy!" —
"We never do work when we're ruined," said she.

— "You used to call home-life a hag-ridden dream,
And you'd sigh, and you'd sock; but at present you seem
To know not of megrims or melancho-ly!" —
"True. One's pretty lively when ruined," said she.

— "I wish I had feathers, a fine sweeping gown,
And a delicate face, and could strut about Town!" —
"My dear — a raw country girl, such as you be,
Cannot quite expect that. You ain't ruined," said she.


Mar. 6th, 2014 06:44 pm
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Today is the 180th anniversary of the incorporation of my city <3<3.

March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month.

And from [personal profile] james_davis_nicoll, the CRTC has notified two pornography channels that they don't have sufficient Canadian Content, and may have their licenses revoked.

And in other news, I know that it's perfectly normal Canadian weather for March and other people have it much worse, but THIS IS ENOUGH SNOW STOP IT.
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This has been finished for months, it just took me a while to get up the nerve to post it.

Title: The Form of My Intent
Author: Violsva
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: G
Warnings: Victorian Attitudes, Transphobia, Experimental Structure
Word Count: 2088
Summary: I admit it was not only disdain, but fear, that caused me at first to scorn Holmes’ theories of deduction.

At AO3.
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[personal profile] janice_lester says Give Sexy Actors Sexy Wheelchairs! I say, wow, those are some damn awesome machines. Go look!

And! people in wheelchairs going up stairs! so cool!

via [personal profile] kate_nepveu
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It has come to my attention, through [personal profile] supergee, that today is National Coming Out Day. Not my nation, but hey. Coincidentally, it is also almost exactly the fifth anniversary of my coming out to my parents at Thanksgiving dinner. Two separate dinners, actually, my parents not being married anymore.

So if anyone's interested, I'm pansexual. And my gender identity right now seems to be "mostly female".

And good luck and best wishes to everyone who needs them in such matters.
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This is not actually a review, as I'm too sleep deprived to say anything non-sweary. We saw the first episode the other day, and then three episodes in a row last night, which was a bad idea. Not actually in a row, there was Doctor Who in between. So this is an overdose, with the usual unpleasant side effects. After a couple days I will have assimilated it and might like it better.

But I just got more caffeinated than I've ever been, which isn't actually saying much, and wrote 1500 words on my own gender-swapped race-swapped modern AU (which has been around since before I knew anything about the episode plots), thank you very much, which passes the Bechdel test and won't pass the reverse Bechdel test if I can help it, and will hopefully be at least a little less faily on race issues because honestly the only way to be worse than S1E2 on race issues is to deliberately try and then call in a couple consultants to make sure.

And can we have a female character (other than maybe Mrs. Hudson) who isn't defined by her sexuality, immediately, at her first appearance? One? FFS.

And that's just the Issues. There's also the way you can poke the plots anywhere and they tear apart like wet tissue paper.

Anyway. I will watch the rest, but I'm glad I didn't pay for it, though of course I acquired it through Perfectly Legal Means. (That link goes to TVTropes. Don't click on it.)

So, I guess that was a review. The internet: not just for porn, it's for rants. And cat photos. I'm going to go look at some. I really dislike being angry.


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