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I never expected to write Sherlock S3 fic, but I have written Sherlock S3 fic.

Title: Numbers
Author: Violsva
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: G
Warnings/Enticements: People with ambiguous moral systems
Word Count: 221
Summary: Even the landlady used to run a drug cartel!

On AO3.
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 So, there’s a sort of long ongoing argument where one side says “Why is there no femslash? :(” and other people say “we just write what we want to write, and male characters are better developed and written to be more interesting” and the first people say “but isn’t fandom about reinterpreting canon and exploring things the creators don’t” and it just keeps going around and around and eventually someone says “why are you putting the burden on fanwriters when mainstream media has so much more power?”

This is solely in response to that last point.

Women have money. Historically ‘geeky’ fandoms haven’t been eager to take that money, but they’re starting to realize it exists and they might want some.

But all media still assumes that their core audience is straight white men 18-35. And they will not lose that audience if possible. And they assume that not writing about male characters will lose them.

But there’s a solution! If you write a show with no significant female characters, you can, they believe, still get women to watch it if you just make sure you have two pretty white men with lots of sexual tension. And straight white men 18-35 will still watch it, and probably deny that there’s any sexual tension at all.

The problem with saying that it’s on the creators is that we have so much evidence that if they can get away without writing lead female roles, theywill. And if they see that there is huge demand for shows with two pretty white men as the leading characters, they’re going to ignore any demand for anything else and then say that they are just giving female fans what they want.

If you object to any new female characters in a show about these two white boys, the creators of that show don’t know that you also watch Orange is the New Black. They hear “Women don’t want more female characters anyway. Actresses are sent death threats for playing love interests! Clearly there’s no point to focusing on the women in this show.”

And I’m not saying there’s an easy way to fix this. But there are reasons why we need to celebrate female characters in fandom, as much as we can. We need to say we want female characters, and show that we like female characters* or else we will be invisible in fandom, and women will be invisible in media.

The burden is on fandom because if we don’t show that we care about it, no one else will care. This sucks, but it’s what we have to deal with.


*Translation: that female characters will make more people watch the show, and that a lack of female characters will make existing fans say 'screw it’ and leave to watch something else, rather than also watching something else

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Let's put this up here as well.

Apparently I do have things to say! (in response to this) Mostly in Holmesfic, because that’s mostly what I write. Mostly exceptionally specific.

To start with, because people dealing with unpleasant circumstances is pretty much the basic stuff of narratives, and if we’re talking Victorians then you have a full supply of unpleasant circumstances as soon as you use a female pronoun. But they were there, they were doing things anyway.

And because people ask for them, for Yuletide and other challenges and Rarewomen (which I should be finishing now instead of writing this).

It’s not because there isn’t enough of it in fandom, because I’m pretty sure that if there was I would still be writing it. But there certainly isn’t enough of it.

Or maybe it is: because I’m interested in things on the margin of stories and teasing out characters and ideas that are only implied, and a lot of those characters are women.

And because media gets it wrong. Because people (men) spend all their time talking about Irene Adler and warping her beyond recognition and basically talking as if she’s the only woman Sherlock Holmes ever spoke to, and this is wrong. Like, factually incorrect. So I write about other women, instead, in hopes someone else will too.

And that Rex Stout thing is going around and man that makes me angry. It’s just full of a nasty mid 20thC misogyny that I can’t stand. And if you get women wrong you get marriage wrong, you get human relationships wrong, if you write women as aliens then eventually all your characters become aliens.

And because it’s so easy not to, it’s really easy to write stories with no named female characters and way too easy to write stories that don’t pass the Bechdel Test and this is actually really scary, that you can just accidentally not have any women in a story and not notice.

But mostly because women are sexy and women on top of each other are sexy and women are adorable and women having sweet lesbian crushes on each other are adorable and women are awesome and women whacking people with pokers in defense of their loved ones are awesome.

And because if a character just starts creating herself in my head it will be her. That’s just how it seems to work. And I have no problems with this.
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Mary Wortley Montagu

At length, by so much importunity press’d,
Take, C——, at once, the inside of my breast;
This stupid indiff’rence so often you blame,
Is not owing to nature, to fear, or to shame:
I am not as cold as a virgin in lead,
Nor is Sunday’s sermon so strong in my head:
I know but too well how time flies along,
That we live but few years, and yet fewer are young.

But I hate to be cheated, and never will buy
Long years of repentance for moments of joy,
Oh! was there a man (but where shall I find
Good sense and good nature so equally join’d?)
Would value his pleasure, contribute to mine;
Not meanly would boast, nor would lewdly design;
Not over severe, yet not stupidly vain,
For I would have the power, tho’ not give the pain.

No pedant, yet learned; no rake-helly gay,
Or laughing, because he has nothing to say;
To all my whole sex obliging and free,
Yet never be fond of any but me;
In public preserve the decorum that’s just,
And shew in his eyes he is true to his trust;
Then rarely approach, and respectfully bow,
But not fulsomely pert, nor yet foppishly low.

But when the long hours of public are past,
And we meet with champagne and a chicken at last,
May ev’ry fond pleasure that moment endear;
Be banish’d afar both discretion and fear!
Forgetting or scorning the airs of the crowd,
He may cease to be formal, and I to be proud.
Till lost in the joy, we confess that we live,
And he may be rude, and yet I may forgive.

And that my delight may be solidly fix’d,
Let the friend and the lover be handsomely mix’d;
In whose tender bosom my soul may confide,
Whose kindness can soothe me, whose counsel can guide.
From such a dear lover as here I describe,
No danger should fright me, no millions should bribe;
But till this astonishing creature I know,
As I long have liv’d chaste, I will keep myself so.

I never will share with the wanton coquette,
Or be caught by a vain affectation of wit.
The toasters and songsters may try all their art,
But never shall enter the pass of my heart.
I loath the lewd rake, the dress’d fopling despise:
Before such pursuers the nice virgin flies:
And as Ovid has sweetly in parable told,
We harden like trees, and like rivers grow cold.
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also wait i was too in pain victorian fem watson is also a midwife that’s what she does instead of being a general practice doctor
okay thank you for your time

Watson ranting at Holmes for hours about the terrible standards for midwives
and also about male doctors’ attitudes towards female reproductive health
and teaching all the women she meets about birth control
and getting Holmes to help with removing women from abusive situations
and both of them rolling their eyes right out of their heads at some of Holmes’ clients/clients’ relatives
Watson puts a picture of Semmelweiss up on the sitting room wall
or Elizabeth Blackwell
BAMF Watson in a dress with a medical bag and a gun wait I wrote that one
Watson yelling at Holmes for taking risks and Holmes telling her she wouldn’t do the same if Holmes was a man and Watson saying “I damn well would”
Victorian Fem!Watson swearing.


Apr. 16th, 2014 06:29 pm
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H. D.

All Greece hates
the still eyes in the white face,
the luster as of olives
where she stands,
And the white hands.

All Greece reviles
the wan face when she smiles,
hating it deeper still
when it grows wan and white,
remembering past enchantments
and past ills.

Greece sees unmoved,
God’s daughter, born of love,
the beauty of cool feet
and slenderest knees,
could love indeed the maid,
only if she were laid,
white ash amid funereal cypresses.
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Christina Rossetti

One face looks out from all his canvasses,
One selfsame figure sits or walks or leans;
We found her hidden just behind those screens,
That mirror gave back all her loveliness.
A queen in opal or in ruby dress,
A nameless girl in freshest summer greens,
A saint, an angel; - every canvass means
The same one meaning, neither more nor less.
He feeds upon her face by day and night,
And she with true kind eyes looks back on him
Fair as the moon and joyful as the light:
Not wan with waiting, not with sorrow dim;
Not as she is, but was when hope shone bright;
Not as she is, but as she fills his dream.
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don marquis

well boss
mehitabel the cat
has reappeared in her old
haunts with a
flock of kittens
three of them this time

archy she says to me
the life of a female
artist is continually
hampered what in hell
have i done to deserve
all these kittens

i look back on my life
and it seems to me to be
just one damned kitten
after another
i am a dancer archy
and my only prayer
is to be allowed
to give my best to my art
but just as i feel
that i am succeeding
in my life work
along comes another batch
of these damned kittens
it is not archy
that i am shy on mother love
god knows i care for
the sweet little things
curse them
but am i never to be allowed
to live my own life
i have purposely avoided
matrimony in the interests
of the higher life
but i might just
as well have been a domestic
slave for all the freedom
i have gained
i hope none of them
gets run over by
an automobile
my heart would bleed
if anything happened
to them and i found it out
but it isn t fair archy
it isn t fair
these damned tom cats have all
the fun and freedom
if i was like some of these
green eyed feline vamps i know
i would simply walk out on the
bunch of them and
let them shift for themselves
but i am not that kind
archy i am full of mother love
my kindness has always
been my curse
a tender heart is the cross i bear
self sacrifice always and forever
is my motto damn them
i will make a home
for the sweet innocent
little things
unless of course providence
in his wisdom should remove
them they are living
just now in an abandoned
garbage can just behind
a made over stable in greenwich
village and if it rained
into the can before i could
get back and rescue them
i am afraid the little
dears might drown
it makes me shudder just
to think of it
of course if i were a family cat
they would probably
be drowned anyhow
sometimes i think
the kinder thing would be
for me to carry the
sweet little things
over to the river
and drop them in myself
but a mother s love archy
is so unreasonable
something always prevents me
these terrible
conflicts are always
presenting themselves
to the artist
the eternal struggle
between art and life archy
is something fierce
yes something fierce
my what a dramatic life i have lived
one moment up the next
moment down again
but always gay archy always gay
and always the lady too
in spite of hell
well boss it will
be interesting to note
just how mehitabel
works out her present problem
a dark mystery still broods
over the manner
in which the former
family of three kittens
one day she was taking to me
of the kittens
and the next day when i asked
her about them
she said innocently
what kittens
interrogation point
and that was all
i could ever get out
of her on the subject
we had a heavy rain
right after she spoke to me
but probably that garbage can
leaks so the kittens
have not yet
been drowned

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And because her picture's featured on Wikipedia today: Voltarine de Cleyre, ladies and gentlefans.

Look how your children grow up. Taught from their earliest infancy to curb their love natures — restrained at every turn! Your blasting lies would even blacken a child's kiss. Little girls must not be tomboyish, must not go barefoot, must not climb trees, must not learn to swim, must not do anything they desire to do which Madame Grundy has decreed "improper." Little boys are laughed at as effeminate, silly girl-boys if they want to make patchwork or play with a doll. Then when they grow up, "Oh! Men don't care for home or children as women do!" Why should they, when the deliberate effort of your life has been to crush that nature out of them. "Women can't rough it like men." Train any animal, or any plant, as you train your girls, and it wont be able to rough it either.

More women anarchists, everyone.


Mar. 1st, 2014 07:17 pm
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Empanel, or, John Watson may have made a mistake

I don't usually write about Irene Adler because as far as I can tell her story is done as far as it relates to Holmes. She's off having adventures with her barrister husband who thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread, rather than showing up in London to annoy Holmes.

But there are reasons why she might want to, when you think about it.
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First of all, mission accomplished today.

Second of all, Jennifer Jones, you guys, Jennifer Jones. This time last week I didn't even know the rules of curling, and I learned them in time to watch her throw 100%. Jennifer Jones, OMG. (Everyone in Canada who actually follows curling knew this ten years ago. (Warning: lots of justified screaming in that video.))

I have belatedly found the theme song for Arte Regendus, or at least the second half: White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons. Oh lead me to the truth and I/ will follow you for my whole life

According to [personal profile] knumpify the remake of Robocop has a shot of the street where I grew up. Dammit, now I may have to watch that movie. (Secret: all movies are actually set in Toronto. Even if it's supposed to be New York)

I already squeeed about women's ski jumping on [community profile] capslock_dreamwidth; what I didn't know then is that the silver medalist, Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, is an out lesbian (one of seven at the games this year). Also, I have a video of Carina Vogt's win now.

Practicing my links in this post, apparently.

You know, I never thought of myself as a jock. But winter sports, oh I love them so much. And rock climbing. But mostly skiing and women's hockey and figure skating and apparently curling now.

ETA: From [personal profile] staranise: Ellen Page is gay OMG!
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So I saw Frozen on New Year's with my sister, which was exactly how to do it. I don't know if I like it as a movie (Can't stand the comic relief character, but can't stand Disneyish comic relief in general) but I certainly like the message. It's also one of the Bechdel Test passing movies that outperformed everything else this year. If you want to see it go see it in theatres.

There was a wind chill warning for a bit Thursday and Friday, so I saw it at the perfect time. Not very cold in my apartment, though - in fact I have to remember not to open the door to the boiler room or it gets way too humid here.

On the other hand, it has an awesome triumphant musical number about being yourself and being awesome and abandoning all your friends and relatives and responsibilities so you can be alone for the rest of your life. It's very catchy. Elsa's issues are actually quite a good metaphor for an anxiety disorder, at least at the beginning.

Brain continues attempting to eat itself. We persist.
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Ladies and gentlefans, there is a Femmeslash Exchange on AO3. It's just gone live.

And now I need to remember to come back to this post after Christmas when I get some time off.
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Well, it's as done as it will ever be. Now maybe A Study in Scarlet will give me a plot.

Title: A Very Different Level
Author: Violsva
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: G
Warnings/Enticements: Gender Changes, Race Changes, Modern Setting, Canadian Content, Everything I know about the business of theatre I learned from Slings and Arrows
Word Count: 4392
Summary: A major figure in the music industry wants the assistance of a consulting detective. A consulting detective’s assistant wants a distraction. The Canada Council for the Arts wants accountability. Two of them will be disappointed, but honestly, Jane Wang can’t say she minds.

At AO3.

In this universe.

Rejected first line: To Xu-lai Ho she is always the liberal arts major.
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Title: The Lodger
Author: Violsva
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: G
Warnings: Genderswap
Word Count: ~6000 altogether
Summary: Nurse Jane Watson returns from Afghanistan with a bad shoulder, no money, and no options except to take in a lodger. A very remarkable lodger...

At AO3.
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Took [personal profile] knumpify out to The Bourne Legacy. Lots of fun.

Awesome parkour chase scenes! Is it still parkour if you're on a motorcycle while doing it? Scientists! Evil government officials! Bechdel test passes! Really!

...Lots of gore and violence, and the evil side are really creepily evil. But fun.

I've only seen the third one of the series, once, and I don't think any prior knowledge was necessary to follow the plot.

Also, I am apparently terrible at recognizing characters if they change their haircuts. But we already knew this.
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This is not actually a review, as I'm too sleep deprived to say anything non-sweary. We saw the first episode the other day, and then three episodes in a row last night, which was a bad idea. Not actually in a row, there was Doctor Who in between. So this is an overdose, with the usual unpleasant side effects. After a couple days I will have assimilated it and might like it better.

But I just got more caffeinated than I've ever been, which isn't actually saying much, and wrote 1500 words on my own gender-swapped race-swapped modern AU (which has been around since before I knew anything about the episode plots), thank you very much, which passes the Bechdel test and won't pass the reverse Bechdel test if I can help it, and will hopefully be at least a little less faily on race issues because honestly the only way to be worse than S1E2 on race issues is to deliberately try and then call in a couple consultants to make sure.

And can we have a female character (other than maybe Mrs. Hudson) who isn't defined by her sexuality, immediately, at her first appearance? One? FFS.

And that's just the Issues. There's also the way you can poke the plots anywhere and they tear apart like wet tissue paper.

Anyway. I will watch the rest, but I'm glad I didn't pay for it, though of course I acquired it through Perfectly Legal Means. (That link goes to TVTropes. Don't click on it.)

So, I guess that was a review. The internet: not just for porn, it's for rants. And cat photos. I'm going to go look at some. I really dislike being angry.


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