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So everyone should go read The Café Elsinore by hoc_voluerunt. And then come here and talk to me about it.

It's made me think about modern adaptations and changing portrayals of mental health and the cliched argument over the transfer of power between generations in comedies vs tragedies and how parental relationships in Shakespeare compare to parental relationships in fairy tales. And I haven't had all these thoughts in my head at one time since university or mayybe when I was reading Aurora Leigh the year after, and oh, my brain is back.

(My brain is actually having serious difficulties at the moment, but the return of my critical reading skills can only be a good sign)
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So I saw a post somewhere recently about weird simultaneities in history. For example, there were still mammoths around when the Egyptians were building pyramids.

Other things that happened before mammoths went extinct: women wrote poetry.
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From Tumblr, going here because I don't trust Tumblr not to lose stuff:

you know what we need? we need queer romcoms. we don’t need any more sad lifetime movies about queers who end up dead or heartbroken. we don’t need any more real life stories. we need queer romcoms.

ladies falling in love after they stumble against each other on the subway.
guys who work for opposite companies and bicker at the meetings until one of them kisses the other.
a trans lady bartender who always ends up having deep philosophical chats with a drunk girl who gets dumped every week by a different person.
an asexual journalist falling in love with the football player xie interviews every week after the matches, and having cute make outs and a lot of awkwardness around the ace thing with the fight and the ridiculous gesture of love and the make up.
happy fluffy endings after a lot of dumb cute shit happening.
queer rom coms !!!
-- Queerhawkeye
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Did laundry
Said "mm-hm" on the phone with my mother for 20 minutes
Updated wall calendar

Back to work tomorrow, which I suspect may not go well. No sleep last night.
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Goddamn it body, you are perfectly capable of digesting lactose. You've done it before. Recently.
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Excerpt from Shakespeare's lost play, The Aduentures of Sherlocke Holmes, Prince of Deduction.

Holmes. What's that? It's witchcraft? No, it's simply art,
Not artifice, not magic, just my eyes. I see
What all see, Watson, but I then observe,
I think, I make conclusions. Any man
Could do it, but no other man has tried.

Watson. Not any man, I think. You're marvelous.
I know your methods, but I cannot learn
One half of what you see. I say again
That, if not witchcraft, then you are a god -
Say witchcraft, or make me idolatrous.

Holmes. Blasphemous, either way. But there's no time
To argue details of theology.
I hear a knock; Watson, the game's afoot.
Just sit and take your notebook; you assist

Enter the King of Bohemia, masked.

Have you got my note?
I must insist this matter be privy
Between us, and no other ear intrude
Upon our counsels.

Watson. I -

Holmes. No, prithee, sit.
The doctor is my closest trusted friend.
No word that I hear shall be barred from him.
Go on.

The icon is unusually appropriate for this.
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This is not actually a review, as I'm too sleep deprived to say anything non-sweary. We saw the first episode the other day, and then three episodes in a row last night, which was a bad idea. Not actually in a row, there was Doctor Who in between. So this is an overdose, with the usual unpleasant side effects. After a couple days I will have assimilated it and might like it better.

But I just got more caffeinated than I've ever been, which isn't actually saying much, and wrote 1500 words on my own gender-swapped race-swapped modern AU (which has been around since before I knew anything about the episode plots), thank you very much, which passes the Bechdel test and won't pass the reverse Bechdel test if I can help it, and will hopefully be at least a little less faily on race issues because honestly the only way to be worse than S1E2 on race issues is to deliberately try and then call in a couple consultants to make sure.

And can we have a female character (other than maybe Mrs. Hudson) who isn't defined by her sexuality, immediately, at her first appearance? One? FFS.

And that's just the Issues. There's also the way you can poke the plots anywhere and they tear apart like wet tissue paper.

Anyway. I will watch the rest, but I'm glad I didn't pay for it, though of course I acquired it through Perfectly Legal Means. (That link goes to TVTropes. Don't click on it.)

So, I guess that was a review. The internet: not just for porn, it's for rants. And cat photos. I'm going to go look at some. I really dislike being angry.


Jul. 8th, 2012 01:22 am
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I forgot just how much fun writing is when it's going well. And how much fun it is to have a universe to play in. I haven't written fanfic since high school. All the ideas multiply and bounce off each other and change themselves. I should figure out how to do this with original fiction.

And I realized tonight that I really like some of the sentences in this work, as sentences. They flow well. It's really nice to feel for my own writing what I might feel for someone else's. (Especially before revision)

Of course, it's pastiche, so it's not quite my sentence flow. But this is so much fun.

Man, I never felt like this writing essays. I can actually stand to look at it after it's done.


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