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Jul. 30th, 2018 12:15 pm
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Hi! I'm Violsva. I write fic.

It used to be mostly Sherlock Holmes fic; now it's leaning pretty heavily toward various Marvel universes.

I am also known as Violsva pretty much everywhere else (see sidebar; or, if you're on mobile, my profile or the bottom of the page). I picked the name because no one else was using it and so far that seems to still be true, so if you see it, it's probably me. If we have had pretty much any positive interaction at all, you can also call me Vi. (Violsva is pronounced with a long i and the accent on the first syllable as in violin; Vi is pronounced like the letter V.)

Demographically, I am a white bisexual nonbinary 30ish Torontonian currently living in the US. All pronouns are good pronouns.

I have a variety of mental illnesses, the most relevant one being social anxiety. This affects my likelihood of replying to comments.

People who may come up:

Jean Claude: Adorable feline household nuisance.

[personal profile] consultingpiskies: Live-in girlfriend. <3

Knumpify: BFFWB, currently 800 km away

Posts on this blog these days have two privacy settings: completely public, and completely private talking to myself. So if I don't grant you access, that's nothing to do with you; it's because there's not actually anything there to read. Feel free to subscribe and unsubscribe at will, and I will do the same. As with tumblr, if I don't follow you back it's about curating my reading page and not your personality.

Do I have to say that I expect people not to be deliberately antagonistic in my comments? I expect people not to be deliberately antagonistic in my comments. To both me and each other.

I have a completely open fanart/podfic/remix/translation/etc. policy: just link back to the original. (If podficcing or translating, please include the same rating and warning information as appears on the original.) I would prefer it if you also tell me you’ve done it so I can show it off!

I have a tip jar. If you enjoy my writing, please
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Lots and lots of interesting case studies, not the best prose style.

From a letter to the editor of the Portland News, 1912: "This old story about more wages because she wears men's clothes is not the main part of the drama at all. There is many a good man who would marry such a woman as Nell Pickerell [aka Harry Allen], but she will not have it that way." (p 30) Would there actually be that many men happy to marry a woman who had served multiple prison sentences and given birth to an illegitimate child? I mean, maybe, there was a heavy gender imbalance in the American west.

"A quick search through this newspaper [the Idaho Statesman] reveals no fewer than forty stories related to cross-dressing appearing between 1890 and [1908]." (p 205 n33)

"Often western women sex-workers wore men's clothing as by custom it provided an indication to others of the wearer's occupation. Among such women were the nine prostitutes of the Williams Creek district of western Canada's Cariboo gold rush who, according to an 1862 news item, put on "great airs" when they would "dress in male attire and swagger through the saloons and mining camps with cigars or huge quids of tobacco in their mouths, cursing and swearing, and look like anything but the angels in petticoats heaven intended them to be."" (p 35) [emphasis mine] Note how class and gender are conflated here--the suggestion is not just that they should dress like women but that all women are naturally the innocent middle-class angel in the house.

M, an MTF case study in "Transvestism: A Contribution to the Study of the Psychology of Sex" by Bernard S. Talmey: "When "so dressed [as a woman], I can always think more logically, feel less encumbered, solve difficult problems in a manner next to impossible under any other conditions."" (p 61)

"By the turn of the twentieth century Americans had gained an international reputation for, as the German sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld put it, blaming "one or the other ethnic group for homosexuality."" (p 147) This is in the course of a discussion of how the Chinese Exclusion Act and various laws prohibiting interracial marriage prevented Chinese men from forming heterosexual families. (Canada was doing the exact same thing, incidentally.)

Chapter 5 spends a lot of time talking about "the apparent spread of prostitution, public indecency, and other transgressive sexual activities as the nineteenth century advanced" (p 168). Which, I assume, had a lot to do with the spread of literacy, urbanization, and the popular press, and makes an interesting comparison to how mass media, social media, and population growth now is making it look like the world is getting worse and worse, whatever your definition of "worse" is.

Also, wow, you don't realize how quickly Lamarckism was wrapped up into evolutionary theory to help out eugenics.
... In other words, we have reached the "fucking assholes" part of any history of sexuality. I may not have much to say about the rest of this book except swearing.

That said, "Viraginity and Effemination" should be the name of a queer bookstore. Or a zine.
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From [community profile] thefridayfive:

1. Did you enjoy your senior year of high school?

Certainly more than the other ones.

2. Did you have a senior trip (high school) and were you able to go on it?

A what now?

3. Was graduating (from either high school or college/university) a big thing with your family or just another day?

Well, I and my parents actually went to my high school graduation, so there's that. I did not attend my university graduation ceremony, mostly because the default was that you could have two guests and apply for a limited number of extra invitations, and there were at least four people I really wanted there and a couple others who would expect to be invited, so it was easier to just avoid the issue.

4. What were you looking forward to the most after graduating from either high school or college/university?

After high school I was looking forward to university. After university I ... wasn't really.

5. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your graduating self?

For god's sake go see a fucking psychiatrist. And the campus employment centre.
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Volume 2 of Clorinda Cathcart's Circle, A Man of Independent Mind, about my favourite Utilitarian philosopher, is out today.

You can read an excerpt at the link, though it contains spoilers for Madame Clorinda's memoirs. The later chapters are a wonderful series of romance and mystery-solving.


Apr. 9th, 2019 11:00 pm
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So I got 400 words written today by just sitting in front of my draft and knitting for an hour or so, so that was pretty great.

And that means that it's 19 000 words long! And I've been expecting for a while that this project will end up a bit over 20 000 words, but it is now officially a novella! And I know how to finish it and it is going to be my longest fic on AO3. And it's great!
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I said I was going to and I did!

a cushion with the text The anger in your heart warms you now, but will leave you cold in your grave, on a couch a flat cushion cover with the text The anger in your heart warms you now, but will leave you cold in your grave

Based on this and inspired by [tumblr.com profile] shitpostsampler. Alphabet by Liz Turner Diehl, layout, pattern, and shitty photography by me.
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I have replotted, outlined, and started writing the climax on fic A. Yay!

Also I have found the writing equivalent of this phenomenon:

Author's Note: Hey, sorry for the huge delay on this chapter!

Work Header: Published: 2015-07-13 Completed: 2015-08-11 Words: 41612 Chapters: 4/4
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Kettle: *boils*
Vi: *enters kitchen*
Jean Claude: Human! Do you know what time it is?
Vi: It is 3:58.
Vi: *makes tea*
Jean Claude: ...and what happens at 3:58?
Vi: Nothing. Nothing in your fuzzy little life has ever happened at 3:58.
Vi: *takes tea away to [personal profile] consultingpiskies*
Jean Claude: No! Wrong direction!
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This is a post I found in my tumblr drafts from last September.

Extremely fragmentary thoughts on Emma Donoghue’s Passions Between Women: British Lesbian Culture 1668 - 1801

Donoghue mentions that the decrease of references to “female husband” cases in newspapers at the end of the 18th century is taken by some scholars as evidence that the practice died out. She doubts this very much, and indeed Alison Oram’s “Her Husband was a Woman!”, published about a decade after this book, focuses on similar cases reported in British newspapers in the early twentieth century, so I think it highly unlikely that there were no examples whatsoever in the century in between.

“On 14 December 1728 the Universal Spectator commented that every culture differentiated the sexes by dress for the sake of ‘decency’, and specifically ‘in order to prevent Multitudes of Irregularities, which otherwise would continually be occasion’d’.” (p. 90)

This seems to indicate a view that in the same clothes it would be impossible to differentiate the sexes - I am reminded of someone (but can’t remember who) pointing out that in Early Modern society the body was much less knowable than it is considered today, with even the poorest wearing at least two layers of clothes at all times, and shaping garments being normal, and clothes that hid or highlighted or enhanced certain features being usual for men as well as women.

“The radical sects formed in the seventeenth century, in particular, often allowed women to pull their friendships with each other to the centre of their lives. Quaker women such as Katherine Evans and Sarah Cheevers left husbands and children to travel and be imprisoned together.” (p. 151) (I don’t have anything to say here, just! Historic Quaker lesbians! Yay!)

“Nor is a study of erotica thankless work” (p. 183) – I’m just going to leave that sentence fragment there.

Sunday Six

Mar. 17th, 2019 07:17 pm
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“That’s not the Black Widow,” he says, and is slapped across the face.

“There are many Black Widows.”

“That’s not right,” says the technician.

“He doesn’t know shit about the Black Widow program, he thinks there’s just the one he worked with last time.”

“No, you idiot, he shouldn’t remember the last time at all. Soldier, return to the programming room.”
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I keep feeling like I could be done this fic (which we will call fic A, because there is never just one WIP) by the end of the month if I just decided to work at it (and maybe set up a goal tracker), but Life is in the process of happening and it's going to keep happening, so I can't just decide to spend a month on that. And in the meantime (mostly to distract from the aforementioned Life) I have started half a dozen WIPs, some of which are also at the "one week of concentrated effort and they'll be done" stage, but it's always much more tempting to just start another damn WIP instead of finishing them. And concentration may be a slight problem, now that I think about it.

And there's at least three other WIPs from before fic A that I could also be focusing on.

And I still think they're mostly really good ideas! So it's not that I don't want to work on them. Except that I am in one of those states where I am convinced that my present writing is much worse than it used to be. Despite the suspicion that in a month or so I will think my writing now was so much better than that future writing will be.

There is also the problem that right now I feel like anything I post needs some kind of Reason To Exist. God knows what reason would actually count as sufficient for the brainweasels, though.

The really annoying thing is that if I posted chapter-by-chapter I have like three fics I could post the first chapter of (and on Fic A it's more like the first 3+ chapters) with minimal editing. Except that I do not write linearly and any of these first chapters could change at any moment. And anyway I do not want to do that without a schedule, and cannot keep to a schedule. And while fic A's structure is pretty clear by now I don't actually know how long the others are (or whether they even need chapters).

But that means I have thousands and thousands of words of unposted fic burning a hole in my metaphorical pocket. Of my brain. Whatever that means.

ETA: And I just sewed buttons on a knitting project instead of writing, so that tells you how much is coming out of the word mines today.
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So my sister and my niece are in town (YAY) so I actually saw a movie on opening weekend for once. And then I went and read the spoiler posts about it that I'd skipped over, but while I agree with all of them I don't actually have anything spoilery to say.

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“Come on.”

“Where are we going?” Peggy asked, not moving.

“She’s in a house a couple blocks that way, come on.”

“Step back so I can get out of the car, Jack,” Daniel said, and Jack blinked and stepped back.

“Should we just be rushing in?” Peggy asked when they’d joined him on the sidewalk. To her surprise Jack didn’t say anything snide as he started eastward.
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The educational reformer Horace Mann tried to explain the feminization of the teaching profession in terms of women's natural proclivities. A woman was suited to working with young children, Mann claimed, because "she holds her commission from nature. In the well-developed female character there is always a preponderance of affection over intellect." But few women teachers saw the work that way. They often complained about their pupils' stupidity, loudness, and disinterest. Most women did not become teachers from a great desire to spend their days with children—they could achieve that goal by following the typical path of marriage and motherhood. ... Serving as a teacher offered middling-class young women a window of time in which to earn wages, live apart from their families, pursue intellectual interests, and still preserve their good names.
--Rachel Hope Cleves, Charity & Sylvia: A Same-Sex Marriage in Early America

In other words, 19th century women chose to teach because it was the option that meant they didn't have to deal with children 24 hours a day. Later on Cleves describes how outside of class times "the schoolhouse devoid of children" was a space where Charity Bryant could write and correspond with her friends without interruptions (unlike her father's house). (The circle of poetry-writing women Charity participated in in early 19thC Massachusetts actually sounds a lot like fandom, with Charity as something of a BNF, writing for her friends' effusive praise and having poems dedicated to her, but the book's gone back to the library now so I can't quote it.) ETA: [personal profile] breathedout has one of the relevant passages here.
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Have Clint and Natasha since they're in my head.

“Clint, this bra is the opposite of sexy.”

“It’s black!”

“It’s a three year old sports bra, Clint.”

“In black.”

“That is not all it takes to make a bra sexy.”

“No,” Clint said, smirking, “all it takes to make a bra sexy is putting it on you.”
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I have updated my header post. That was actually all I was going to say, but in the process I discovered that a Tumblr post of mine (regarding the Watson & Holmes comic) has been quoted in someone's MA thesis! This is not my first time being mentioned in an academic paper, but omg it makes me so happy when it happens.

(If you know me and that's your MA thesis, do feel free to private message me if you want; I will not out you.)

And then [personal profile] consultingpiskies came in to show me Billy Porter's Oscars outfit, and man, some things need to be reblogged regardless of my general avoidance of Tumblr.

(At some point I will also try to sort out how to fit the widest number of potential applications into 15 icons, but now is not that time.)
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For [community profile] be_compromised

Title: Five Times Natasha Inappropriately Checked Out Her Neighbour (and One Time He Inappropriately Checked Out Her)
Rating: T
Universe: Marvel
Character(s): Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton
Summary: For the prompt: You’re the neighbour that keeps their curtains open, even when changing, and I can’t talk to you without blushing.
Warnings/Enticements: Accidental Voyeurism (ish), Fluff, Blushing
Word Count: 1123

On AO3
violsva: Clint Barton and Kate Bishop shooting together, covered in bandages, from the end of Matt Fraction's Hawkeye (hawkeyes)
Title: If There's Anything I Can Do
Rating: G
Universe: Marvel Comics
Character(s): Clint Barton, Kate Bishop
Summary: If there’s any topic Clint Barton is actually qualified to give advice on, it’s “Having a crush on a woman who can kill you with her pinky.” And maybe also “Being a bisexual disaster.”
Warnings/Enticements: Sexuality Crisis, Male-Female Friendship
Word Count: 616
Author's Note: Yes, I totally did edit it at the last minute when I realized I could make it exactly 616 words.

On AO3

Also I expanded a bit on Steve's date in the drabble last week.
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On a lighter note, recs posts are cool. Have a Chocolate Box recs post.

Original Work: single non-superheroes rec )
Original Work: Superheroes )
Marvel: Agent Carter )
Marvel: Spider-people )
Marvel: Defenders )
Marvel: Young Avengers )
I have also written one treat for this exchange, guess the fic!
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Actually let's cut this. ) It's been so much nicer inside my head since I drifted away from Tumblr.

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